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Amigos de Honduras (Friends of Honduras) was formed in 1990 by Returned Peace Corps Volunteers (RPCV)  who served in Honduras.  We are an affiliate of the National Peace Corps Association.  Please explore this website to learn about  our Mission Statement, Amigos membership, Amigos newsletters,  reunions,  photos, grant funded projects & how to apply for one and more.








Years in service


Newsletters published

About Amigos De Honduras

We are a group of Returned Peace Corps Volunteers (RPCVs), staff and friends who have the desire to share Peace Corps stories of our experiences, learn current news in Honduras and fund small agricultural, educational, health and development projects in Honduras.


How Projects Are Funded

Since the Peace Corps pulled out of Honduras, we have tried to fund as many projects as we could. We have raised money through our memberships,  donations from our members and others.  We are a volunteer organization with no paid staff. Membership dues cover administrative costs. 100% of donations go to the specific project or the NGO doing the work. Become a member of Amigos de Honduras or make a donation and help us finance many upcoming projects.

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Join Amigos de Honduras for just $15/year or $50/5 years. Receive our newsletter by mail or email, participate in activities, communicate with friends, organize reunions and propose grant projects. Join the National Peace Corps Association. Donate to the Grant Fund and other organizations. 

All the Latest Updates

Do you want to read about all the fun stories in Honduras and all the great things that we do there? Check our Newsletter!

You can make a change

Do you have an idea, solution, or a project that can help Honduras? Don't wait anymore. Submit your proposal and get the funding you need. 

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Contact Us

Become a member

Please complete the form to become a member of Amigos de Honduras for only $15/year or $50/5 years

How do you want your Newsletter to be sent?

Thanks for supporting Amigos de Honduras! To join Amigos mail a check for $50 for five years or $15 for one year to Amigos' treasurer. Make check payable to Amigos de Honduras: Mail to  Peter Schlosser 1912 1st Ave N, Seattle, WA 98109.

Or you can always pay online on our webpage by clicking this link here. 

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